Information & Data quality

  • (NEW) Page for legal data & documents (located in place settings). Those fields are not technically compulsory but the information included in this page should be filled for any clients in order to respect local legislation.

  • History and description can no longer include email, phone or CAPSLOCK. A specific error message is shown to the user. This was creating errors for our presence management product.

  • A warning was added for addresses which are not recognized by Google Maps.

  • Changed 'Reservations' to 'Appointments' when relevant based on the category of the business.

  • Added information about the reservation phone number in the reservation page (how the fallback system works if no contact details are included).

  • Merged the category-dependent information with the simple "detail" page (Exemple : So no more Restaurant Details page).

Presence Management

  • (NEW) Google is now a real-time integration.

  • (NEW) Publishers were added : Waze (Connected GPS), Instagram Locations, Apple Maps (on all iPhones), Uber & Pinterest Geo Tags.

  • Overall reliability improvement for the presence management : (i) Update requests are now queued so update don't failed due to load or if multiple updates are done in a very short time period (ii) Major errors are now managed on most publishers (iii) Better tracking of future errors (All update failure are now systematically analysed).

  • The update status of a publisher is now reflected in the CentralApp (Pending, Success, Failure).

  • An issue was blocking the connection to Foursquare & Facebook on Safari was corrected.


  • (NEW) Pages Mentions Legales for all websites.

  • Online ordering through Deliveroo reflects their new branding.

General usage of the App

  • Improved layout on tablet.

  • All users are now redirected to their language on login or when changing languages, independently of the language of their browser.

  • Added tooltips to most actionnable icon in the app. 

  • Added address in the place switch.

  • Fix bug and improved performance of the Google autosuggest input (signup, create a place).

  • Lots of small visual fixes.

User Management & Security

  • Improvements to encryptions of user/login.

Various bug fixes

  • Fixed small issues with sessions in signup.

  • Fixed issue where the chain would not be saved if it was the first in the list of chains available to the user.

  • Fixed issue where partners for delivery or reservations didn't show up the the list or saving the page would fail.

  • Fix issue with position of Intercom widget and modals since new version of Intercom.

  • Fixed issue with reset password.

  • Lots of small performance fix & optimisation.

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