To activate your website, it must be linked to a unique and available domain name.

Two options are available to you :

  1. CentralApp manages your domaine name (recommended).

  2. You manage the domain name (advanced).

Good to know : The first option is only available for a limited number of extensions (tlds). Contact us for more information about this.

We take care of the renewal of the domain, so you will no longer have to deal with the technical aspects related to its implementation. CentralApp will become the manager of your domain name and can therefore guarantee that you have no interruption of service.

As long as you choose this option, it is important that the chosen domain is available OR that you (or a provider) has access to it.

  • The domain is available : You have to communicate to us your preferred domain so that we can buy it and activate it.

  • The domain can be transferred : If you (or a third party) have already bought the domain, you have to provide us with the transfer code (or AUTHINFO code) so that we can transfer the domain.

Manage your own domain (advanced)

You remain responsible for the technical management of the domain and the renewal of it with your current registrar. If you have advanced technical knowledge, already work with an agency that provides your with that service or are using other services that require you to make changes to your DNS records, this option is probably ideal.

Step 1 : Configure the DNS

In order to activate the domain, you must create the following two DNS records :

  • A Record :

  • CNAME : [] to []

️⚠️ You must also delete the conflicting records and delete any existing redirects on the naked or www.

Etape 2 : Communicate the chosen domain to CentralApp

Once you have made this configuration, simply send us a simple message by chat or email so that we can activate your site within 24 hours.

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