Information & Data quality

  • (NEW) Activation of Greek as a new language.

  • (NEW) Added a new "open date" field in the verified dataset.  

  • Created a new history field for chain. This is now used on chain websites. 

  • Support for sub-localities. 

  • Various updates in the reservation & delivery partners 

 (NEW PRODUCT) e-Reputation

  • Ability to import all reviews from Facebook, Foursquare, Google into the new e-Reputation product.

  • Computation of total number of reviews & average score for each platform.

  • Creation of CentralApp review tips to advice user on the best action to take on the review. 

  • Evolution of review count in the last 12 months.

  • Evolution of average score in the last 12 months.

Smart Websites

  • (NEW) Website are now available in Greek.

  • Improved gallery layout for all types of devices.

  • Various small improvement to performance & SEO.

Presence Management

  • Support for the new detailed attributes on Google.

  • Support for detailed data on Foursquare.

  • Improved category mappings

General usage of the App

  • (NEW) Release of first Helpdesk articles (only in French for now).

  • Inclusion of link to relevant helpdesk article in CentralApp.

  • Various fix for a better support of Safari and older version of Internet Explorer.

  • Make it easier to remove a phone number. We had the issue where users were encountering errors because they deleted part of the country code.

  • Explicitly show when a user has to re-connect his Facebook account. This happens every time the admin of the page changes his password. 

  • Explicitly show when an update is refused by a platform or network because of an API error. 

  • Improved dummy data for website preview. This was especially requested by agencies creating a large number of previews. 

Marketing Website

  • Major update to present all the products individually.

User Management / Security / Invoicing

  • (NEW) All clients now have the ability to self checkout in CentralApp.

  • (NEW) Change of billing system, all invoices generated after 15 March are available directly in CentralApp. 

  • (NEW) Introduction of a new yearly & 3 year billing period for most plans with a respective one and four month discount vs the base price.

Various bug fixes

  • Remove unsupported characters from descriptions. Some descriptions did include some unsupported characters which could cause errors in various system.

  • Trim email of its whitespace at login to avoid issues when a user tries to connect. This was happening for some users which had auto-complete enable for login forms.

  • Explicitly show to user when they are uploading PDFs which are too large.

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