Information & Data quality

  • (NEW) The much requested special opening hours & special closing days is now live for all clients! They can be planned in advance and will be used by the different product when relevant. 

  • (NEW) Business in the "Local Service" and "Service Provider" categories can now specify a service area defined by a radius around their address.

  • Updated category list to better reflect businesses which are service area first. 

Smart Websites

  • (NEW) Service area are now shown on websites.

  • (NEW) Special opening hours & special closing days are now displayed on website

  • Major changes on mobile website to improve conversion of the visitors towards desired business objective. 

Presence Management

  • (NEW) Service area are now supported by Google.

  • (NEW) Special opening hours & special closing days are now sent to Google. This data will be sent to other providers as soon as their API supports it.

  • Removed Pinterest place pin support following Pinterest deprecation of the feature.

General usage of the App

  • Improved self service sign-up flow & onboarding experience.

  • UI now shows that the pushes are pending if the place is not verified by the CentralApp team yet.

  • Improved pre-filled business data at signup. 

Various bug fixes

  • Fixed multiple typos in multiple languages. 

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