At the top right of your CentralApp account, you'll see a "Preview" button. This will take you to view what your website looks like right now on both desktop and mobile as of all your current updates, as well as change your branding and preview what it looks like before it goes live.

Preview Settings

From the Preview page, you can see a small settings icon which shows you your Preview settings. Under the preview settings you may change different aspects of the branding of your business.

You can adjust the role of your website, change the atmosphere description of your business, update your brand positioning, and specify what types of customers you're targeting. Each combination of answers will give you a different layout, optimized to the specifics you provided. Try out different combinations, and don't forget to save when you find a combination you're happy with. When you're ready, you can press "Publish" to get the newest updates on your website live.

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