Basic information


When you log in to your CentralApp account, you will be asked to fill in a series of information in the "Basic Information" section. This information includes a variety of items that are specific to your institution. This information cannot be changed once your account has been verified.



Type the name of your establishment as it is named in the real world. It is important to use a unique and recognizable name so that customers can easily find you online.

Your name should not include the following:

  • Legal information or company type name: For example "CentralApp SPRL" is not acceptable.
  • Advertising slogans: "Assurance Central, the best insurance in France" is not acceptable as a name.
  • Store codes: "Starbuck 12PA" is not acceptable.
  • Trademark symbols (registered or not): "Burger King ®" is not acceptable.
  • Smileys.
  • Words entirely in capital letters(except for acronyms).
  • Opening hours(including information about whether the establishment is open or closed): "Pizzeria Central, open 24 hours", "Café Central (closed)" are not acceptable.
  • Phone numbers or website URLs.
  • Special characters: For example, %&$@/") are not accepted.
  • Information about a service or product of your establishment. Unless it is actually in your establishment's name or is needed to identify a company's service.
  • Geographic information, such as a neighborhood, city, or street name, unless it is actually included in your business name (note: your name should not include any mailing addresses or driving directions).



In order for your customers to find you easily, you must indicate the precise and exact address of your establishment as recognized by most modern GPS.


Unsupported addresses

There are many reasons why we may not recognize an address you entered (new street, recent name change, area incorrectly mapped by Google, private fence, etc.). However, this only affects a very small number of establishments.

We invite you to contact our team if you are in this case so that we can define together the best address to indicate.


Companies with a limited service area

If you have a business that serves specific areas (i.e. you provide services to your customers), you must indicate this in the service area (supported for a limited number of industries).



There are over 1000 categories on CentralApp. You can choose only one main category but up to 3 sub-categories that you think are most representative of your main business.


A good choice of category can have a big impact on your SEO and on the features offered by the site. It can make a big difference in how our different products will work.


Launch date

Enter the date your facility opened to the public.
It is also possible to indicate a future date if the establishment is not yet open to the public.


Business objective

The best websites focus on one essential objective : attracting more customers.
Choosing the business objective of your site allows you to highlight a "call to action" button. This button directly suggests that your customers performs a chosen specific action. For example: book online, contact you by phone, consult your events.


Contact information

Contact information is all the contact information that your customers can use to get in touch with your establishment directly:

  • Main phone: the direct phone number of your establishment
  • Mobile phone
  • Fax number
  • Email: this is the e-mail address that you actively use for your establishment. Be sure to provide an email address that is already in use and to which you can respond within the day.
  • Website: Enter the domain name you use for your establishment that is already active.


Legal information

It is not known to all, but there are several national and European legislations regulating the communication tools of a company (including the legal mentions of the Internet sites).

As the legislation is not well known and quite complex, we wanted to make compliance with it almost automatic for all CentralApp customers.
Once you are logged in to your account, you will find a "Legal" section in the "Website settings" section of an establishment.

This section contains two parts: Legal Notice (Company name, Business number, etc.) as well as the possibility to add special notice in the form of PDFs (General terms and conditions, Privacy policy, regulated professions documents).

All this information is then used by our systems to automatically generate the necessary declarations for your online presence (e.g.: legal notices for smart sites). It is therefore very important to complete these correctly to avoid any problems or fines in the event of a possible control by the authorities.

You can find more information about the legal information here.

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