Business objective

Your website serves your business purpose

A smart website focuses on the essential: attracting more customers.

We've studied the behaviour of visitors of local business websites to create a site that is tailored to your business goals: reservations, orders or walk-ins.


Your business objective defines your site

Choosing the business objective of your site allows you to highlight a "call to action" button and various elements of the site will be optimized in order to highlight this objective.

This button directly proposes to your customers to perform a specific action chosen. For example: book online, contact you by phone or consult your map.


Choose the call to action button

To choose your site's objective, log in to your CentralApp account, go to the "Website editor" section and then to "Business Objective " at the bottom of the page.

You will unlock a business objective after each creation of a new category on your site (activation of table reservations, activation of recruitment etc.).

Here is the list of all possible business objectives:

  • Table booking: links to the table reservation form
  • Event Space Reservation: links to the quotes and information for event spaces
  • Events discovery: links to the list of upcoming events as well as past events
  • Ordering / Delivery of food : links to ordering / take-out / delivery of food
  • Contact: refers to the contact form
  • Hiring: refers to the job offers
  • Franchise : refers to the franchise application form
  • Gift Cards: links to the purchase of gift cards
  • Menu: links to the page of your different menus

After selecting your business objective, click on save.

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