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Descriptive information has two roles. It will make a customer choose your establishment over another one and it will also greatly increase your referencing. The information is divided into 4 sections : description, introduction, concept/history and video.



The description must summarize briefly your establishment to the customer. This field is optional but highly recommended to increase your referencing.


The introduction of your establishment is a very short text that could be sent by SMS and that must answer in a concise and clear way the basic questions that your customer is asking :

  • What is the product or service offered?
  • Where is it located?
  • Why should I choose this establishment?

Important : This introduction is not fixed, so we invite you to quickly put in a first version of it and modify it later if necessary.

The latter has been limited to 500 characters (which is an average of 2 paragraphs) in order to force you to concentrate on the essential aspects.


These first two sections will only be visible on the home page of your website. It is therefore essential to have a catchy text to give a good first impression.


Concept & History

The Concept section allows you to explain in detail your offer and how you stand out from your competitors.
It is also the ideal place to express yourself with passion and show what is the true identity of your establishment.

The History of your establishment is a text that allows you to explain :

  • How did the facility become what it is today?
  • Why does it exist?

The characters are unlimited, so you can fully describe your brand.

These two parts will be found on a dedicated page, the "About" page.

Important: The texts indicated on your site will have a very important impact on your referencing. Indeed, it is important when writing them to indicate the keywords searched by your customers in order to have a chance to appear in their searches.


Adding a video is ideal for clearly communicating the mood of your establishment to the customer. This video should already be online and can be linked from websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and Twitch. 
You will be able to display this video by adding the link of this video in the Source location of the "About" feature.

Make sure you check the box "Display my video on my website". 

This video will be visible on the "About" page of the website. However, it is not possible to add a video directly on the homepage of your website. 

We advise you to communicate a video with a high resolution and consistent with the graphic charter of your site. 

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