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The visual elements and photos of a website are crucial. Today, customers are not satisfied with written content alone. They want to know, see and project themselves! We have written this guide to help you choose the images that will make them want to choose your establishment.

Profile picture

You must upload your profile picture in a square format. All the referencing sites (Google, Facebook, etc.) only support logos in square format, you will have to adapt it if you do not already have such a format.

Where will my profile picture be displayed?

The profile picture entered here will be used as a favicon (icon in the tab on the browser) and may eventually be displayed on the homepage if no other logo is added in the "Branding" page, and if the branding settings allow it.

This profile picture will also be synchronized with the networks connected to CentralApp.

What if I don't have a square profile picture ?

If your profile picture was created by a professional, you can ask him to redo the profile picture in square format.

If you made it yourself or if you want to transform it yourself, we advise you to use a photo processing tool (Canva for example) and to create a square workspace then to insert your current profile picture in it.

Cover picture

The cover picture is often the first photo your customers will see of your establishment. It will be placed on the first page of your site. It is therefore important to pay special attention to it in order to avoid some pitfalls.

Some pitfalls to avoid when choosing a cover photo

Cover photos that generally don't look very good are the following:

  • An image that is too complex (with too many elements or text)
  • Important elements too close to the edges of the picture
  • A very small photo

The expected photo is a landscape format photo with minimum dimensions of 1000 pixels wide by 600 pixels high (this being minimum dimensions, we advise you to add a photo having at least the double of this size for a better rendering).

Photo gallery

A good photo gallery is used to give a first visual experience of your establishment. The goal is for any customer to be able to imagine himself in the setting you offer . The objective is not to be exhaustive, but to show enough to make people want to see more and visit you.


Some pitfalls to avoid in the composition of a gallery

After analyzing thousands of photo galleries, we have listed a few pitfalls to avoid when choosing the 10 photos you can add to your account:

  • A gallery that does not contain enough photos (less than 5 photos)
  • A gallery representing a single subject (10 photos of dishes, 10 products, etc.)
  • Photos with completely different styles
  • Galleries including flyers, posters or other documents with text
  • Very small pictures (the platform refuses photos smaller than 400px on a side)

Tip: If you don't have any professional photos yet, we advise you to hire a photographer at the beginning of your CentralApp subscription. The average cost of a professional photographer ranges from 150 to 600€ all inclusive (depending on the experience of the photographer, the equipment and the preparation needed). This represents a budget, of course, but it will be quickly paid off by the new customers seduced by the professional images of your website!


How to add pictures?

  1. Log in to your CentralApp account.
  2. In the "Website editor" section, click on the "Pictures & Visuals" feature.
  3. Add photos by clicking in the dedicated box.
    To add photos stored on your computer, click on "
    Click to browse" (see screenshot below). A new window appears with all the documents and photos you have stored on your computer. Just click on the pictures you want to have on your site.
    You can also do this by doing a drag & drop (take it from your file explorer and drag it into the card).



How to change the order of appearance of the photos ?

Once you have added the photos to CentralApp, you can also move them to change their order of appearance on your website.

To do so, you just have to click on the photo, keep the click pressed and move the thumbnail of the photo to the place you want (drag & drop).

The layout of the photos on the site is generated automatically, in order to optimize their visibility. If you find that the layout is not ideal, feel free to change the display order in CentralApp.


How do I remove photos from my website?

To delete photos from your CentralApp account, click on the small white square with 3 black lines (see screenshot below) and two new tabs named "View" and "Delete" will appear. Just click on "Delete" and your photo will be deleted.



Is it possible to add more than 10 photos?

Since the purpose of a photo gallery is only to give a glimpse of the experience or products you offer, an ideal gallery contains between 8 and 10 photos. Beyond that, we recommend linking your Instagram account to CentralApp to display your Instagram feed directly on your site and add the relevant photos in the other places provided (team, event venue, detailed menu, events. etc).

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