Publish a menu or a price list


A website is designed to make it easy for the user to find the information you want to convey.
With this in mind, CentralApp allows you to add menus, price lists or service descriptions to your website.


Create a menu or a price list

When choosing the price list/menu to publish on your site, you will choose between publishing it as a PDF or creating a detailed menu. We recommend using a PDF menu if you already have a creative design done by a graphic designer that fits your brand colors.

Advantages of the detailed menu

You can also decide to use the detailed menu created directly in CentralApp. This interactive menu is much more advantageous for several reasons:

  • It will play an important role in your referencing
  • It is very easy to modify
  • It will be more readable especially for phone users
  • It will have a style consistent with the rest of your site
Create a detailed menu

CentralApp allows you to create a detailed menu directly from your website. We strongly recommend this option because it is ideal for SEO and more flexible than a PDF menu.

Here are the steps to follow in order to create a detailed menu on CentralApp :

  1. Go to the "Website editor" tab
  2. Click on the "Menu" feature
  3. Click on the "Create and publish a menu" button
  4. Choose "Create a detailed menu".
  5. Fill in the information (Name, possibly a description, VAT, Currency, cover photo, and thumbnail) and save

You will then be able to manage all the information regarding the menu.

To modify the detailed menu, please consult this article: See the article

Create a PDF menu

You can also create and publish a menu on the website via a PDF document that you have previously created.
Here are the steps to follow to create a detailed menu from CentralApp:

  1. Go to the "Website editor" tab
  2. Click on the "Menu" feature
  3. Click on the "Create and publish a menu" button
  4. Choose "Add a PDF menu".
  5. Fill in the name that will be visible on the website with possibly a description of the document
  6. Import the document in CentralApp by drag & drop or by clicking in the box to choose it directly from your file explorer
  7. Save your menu


What type of document can I put?

We only accept PDF files to guarantee a better readability on all devices.


Publish Menu

Once your menu is ready to be published, you can do so by clicking on "Publication" in the right pane of the menu in the case of a detailed menu. Here you can decide to publish your menu permanently, from a certain date or during a given period. 


In case you leave the page of the detailed menu but it is ready or in case you have a PDF menu, you will be able to do it dir
ectly via Menu in "Website editor". You have to click on the button "Create and publish a menu", then click on "Publish a menu". You will then be able to choose the previously created menu that you want to publish.


I have created a menu but I don't see it?

When you have started to create a menu but it is not yet published, it does not appear directly in the list of menus.
You have to go to the list of unpublished menus by clicking on the "Create and publish a menu" button, then on "Publish a menu".
Your menu will be visible and you will be able to modify it, publish it or delete it permanently.

How many menus can I add ?

You can add as many as you like.

However, we advise you to limit yourself up to 5 menus on your website for your customers to understand easily without getting overwhelmed.

Menus in different languages

If you have the multi-language option in your CentralApp subscription, then you should add your menu or price list in all the languages you have activated on CentralApp.

When the customer visits your website, they will be redirected to the version in the language used by their phone, if such language is activated in the CentralApp profile of your establishment. Otherwise they will see it in the main language of your establishment.

In the case of a PDF menu

It is possible to import into CentralApp a PDF document that you have previously translated. To do so, go to the menu by clicking on the menu edit icon.



At the bottom of the page you will see that it is possible to activate language variations of your menu. By activating a new language for your menu you will have to translate the title and the description (if a description has been put in the original version) and add the translated document.




In the case of a detailed menu

To activate a translation of the detailed menu, you must first go through the menu parameters (after having pressed the edit button of the menu to be modified), to activate the translated version(s).






Once activated, you will have to translate each section and its respective description (by going to the tab "Section" and clicking on the edit icon for each section), then translate each item published in the menu list. You will have to be careful to translate the name, but also the description and price variations if they have been filled in the original language.










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