Create a detailed Menu or a detailed Price list

This article is about the creation and publication of a detailed menu or detailed price list.

  • If you want to create and publish a PDF menu or a price list, please refer to this article: Publish a menu
  • If you have the multilingual option and want to translate your text in multiple languages, here is an article explaining the instructions: Translate a menu in different languages
  • If you want to unpublish or delete a menu, you can see instructions here: Delete a menu


CentralApp allows you to create a detailed menu directly on your website. We strongly recommend this option as it is more ideal for referencing and more flexible than a PDF menu.

Here are the steps to follow in order to create a detailed menu on CentralApp :

  1. Go to the "Website editor" tab
  2. Click on the"Menu" feature
  3. Click on the "Create & publish menus" button
  4. Choose "Create a detailed menu", fill in the information (Name, possibly a description, VAT and Currency) and save


You will then be able to manage all the information to fill the menu.

Add and modify a section

It is possible to add different sections to a menu or a price list.
Here are some examples of sections:

  • For a restaurant: Starters, Salads, Drinks, Dessert, etc.
  • For a beauty salon: Hairstyling, Facials, Back massage, etc.
  • For a clothing store : Pants, Dresses, Accessories, etc.
  • For a service provider: Our specialty, our complementary services, etc.

To add and manage the different sections of your list, please follow these instructions.

  1. Click on the pencil icon to edit your menu
  2. In the right panel, click on the"Sections" button, then on "Create a section".
  3. Enter the name of the section, possibly a description and indicate if you want the pictures of each item in the section to be displayed on your site*.

Once the sections have been created, you will be able to reorganize them by drag & drop, by clicking on the move icon on the left of the section, keeping the click pressed, then moving the section as you wish.

You can also change the parameters of the section at any time by clicking on the edit icon of the section or delete a section by clicking on the trash can icon.

Important: A section that does not contain any elements will not be displayed on the website.

Add an item

There are two ways to create an item:

  1. To quickly add an item to your menu, click on"Quick Add" next to the desired section and you can quickly fill in the basic information of the item (Name, description and price).
  2. In the pane on the right of the menu, you can click on "Manage Items", and then click on "Add a new item". You can then fill in all the characteristics of your item: Name, description, price, promotional price, section to which the item belongs, price variations (if you sell different sized drinks for example), attributes* (popular, vegetarian, spicy, etc.) and a picture of the item*. 


Once an item has been created, it is always possible to modify it. To do so, you must identify the item in the menu, then click on the edit icon of the element.

It should also be noted that an item must be in a section to be published.

Warning, the elements mentioned with an asterisk * such as photos and some attributes are not available for the price list.

Menu settings

The "Settings" tab in the right pane allows you to modify basic menu settings such as name, description, VAT, currency and the activation of menu translations.

Publish Menu

Once your menu is ready to be published, you can do so by clicking on "Publish" in the right pane of the menu. Here you can decide to publish your menu permanently, from a certain date or during a given period. 
In case you have left the menu page but your menu is ready, you will be able to publish it directly via the Menu page. You have to click on the button "Create & publish menus", then click on "Publish a menu". You will then be able to choose the menu created previously in order to publish it.


How do I add pictures to my menu?

We strongly recommend you to add photos so that the user can better visualize the products.

The display of the products' pictures on the website is done by section. By doing so, all the items in the section will have their photo displayed. If one of the elements does not have a picture, a grey frame will be visible on the website. So please add a picture for each element.

To add a photo to an item, please first make sure that the section in which the item is located allows the photo to be displayed (in the section settings).

Then you can add a picture to the item by going to the details of the item (the square with the pencil), importing it from your computer/smartphone/tablet.

How do I remove an item from my menu?

If one of the items in your list is no longer available (temporarily or permanently) you can click on the "crossed out eye" icon of such item. It will be directly removed from the menu.

If you need to use it again later, you can find it when you click on "Manage items" in the right pane, then on "Publish an item" and choose such item and click on the "+" icon to choose the section in which it should appear.
You will have to go to the same place if you want to delete the item permanently, but in this case, click on the trash can icon. The item will be permanently deleted from CentralApp.

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