CentralApp allows you to add photos and descriptions of your team members directly on your website. This is essential to personalize the establishment and reinforce your brand image .

To do so, go to the "Team" section in "Website editor" and click on the "Add member" button at the top of your screen.

Then, you will have to enter the name of the person and you are free to fill in the following elements:

  • Title: This represents the position this person holds in the company.
  • Bio: You can add up to 800 characters, or about two paragraphs, to describe in more detail the background or state of mind of the person.
  • Status: Choose between "Default" and "Highlighted", this will determine where the person will appear on the Team page of your site. A person with "Highlighted" status will appear first, with a larger image than people with "Default" status.
  • Contact Details : This contains the email address and phone number of the person. Please fill in this field only if the person wants to be contacted by your site visitors.
  • Picture : Once the profile is saved, it is possible to add a photo of the person, in portrait mode. We advise you to either post a photo for each member or for none.

Difference between "Default" and "Highlighted" status

It is possible to distinguish profiles by featuring them on your website. This will move the member's profile directly to the top of the page with their photo enlarged in comparison to other members. We recommend the use of the "Highlighted" status for establishments that want to highlight the importance of their manager or for establishments that want to highlight an important and recognized member of their team.


Where are the team members displayed on the website?

The content of the website is dynamic and the display of your team can vary depending on the number of people displayed:

Your team contains more than 5 members

When you showcase more than 5 members of your team, we feel that your team represents an important aspect of your institution. It will then be displayed on a new page on your website, which will be named "Team"

Your team contains up to 5 members
When you showcase up to five members of your team, it will be displayed on the "About" page of your website.
In case you don't have this page enabled because you haven't filled out the text introducing your establishment's concept and history, a "Team" page of your website will be added to your site and will showcase your entire team. 
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