Do your clients want to privatize a space or your whole establishment for an event? You offer the possibility to organize private events or you have a dedicated space for groups? It is possible to specify this on your website in order for your customers to ask for an estimate to organize an event in your establishment.

To add your event space, go to "Event venue" in the "Website editor" tab, then click on the "Add an area" button at the top of your page.

The "Event venue " tool allows you to list multiple elements that you make available such as :

  • A brief description of the area in question
  • The size of the area in square meters
  • The number of people you can accommodate in your area according to the different possible arrangements
  • The equipment available (projector, sound system, television, internet access and air conditioning)

Do not hesitate to add photos of the area or of previous events to your publication so that the client can better visualize his project.

You can of course add several event spaces to your website if needed.

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