Did a press article mention you recently? Broadcast on your website and increase your credibility! To do so, go to the "Press" section in the "Website editor" tab and click on "Add a press article".

You will then be able to choose the source (the website/blog/newspaper/etc.) that talks about your establishment. Once selected, you will have to add the title of the article, the date of publication, the language of the article as well as the URL (the web address of the article) so that your customers can read it from the website.

Once you have added several articles, you will also be able to choose the order in which they appear by clicking on the move icon mceclip1.png.


Press contact

If you have a specific contact person for press inquiries or you have a press kit that you want to share directly on the website, it is possible to add the following information:

  • Email address for press inquiries
  • Name of the press officer
  • URL link to your press kit

Where do the articles I add appear?

Articles will appear on the front page of your website as soon as you have at least 3 articles registered on CentralApp, but a dedicated press page will be present on the site regardless of the number of articles.

What if I can't find the blog/site/journal/etc that talks about my establishment ?

If you can't find the source of your article in the CentralApp list you can contact us via the chat on CentralApp with the link of your article. We will then add the news company to CentralApp so that you can add your article.


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