Labels & Certifications


A recognized label or certification can be a determining factor in the choice of an establishment for a customer. It will increase the visitor's confidence in your proposal.
Moreover, it highlights your work and shows that it has been recognized by other organizations.

Add a label to my website

By going to the "Labels & Certifications" feature from the "Website editor" tab, you will find a list of all the labels that CentralApp currently accepts for your establishment.
There are different types of labels that you can display on your site internet :

  • Certification
  • Reward
  • Guide
  • Membership
  • Sponsorship
  • Endorsement/Support

Some of these labels also have a score. If you select them, you will automatically fill in this score, which will be displayed on the website as well.

I can't find my label in the list provided by CentralApp.

It is possible that CentralApp has not yet added your label/certifications in the list. In order for us to add it, you can contact us via the chat on the CentralApp platform by sending us the necessary documentation (website of the label, explanation of the and type of label, etc.). Our teams will evaluate if this label has its place in the label categories and will add it to the list in such case.

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