Table booking

CentralApp offers different tools to add to your website to allow your customers to make bookings. You can use the provided booking form, integrate an external booking service or enable booking by phone .

Booking via a simplified booking form

The integrated booking form in CentralApp allows you to receive bookings directly via the platform as well as via email and to confirm them easily from CentralApp.
Many parameters can be configured via this form:

  • Minimum and maximum number of guests per booking
  • How long before the chosen time the customer can book
  • The frequency of reservations (15min, 30 min, 1h)
  • The duration of the reservation
  • The email address where you receive the requests
  • Up to how long in the future you accept bookings

It is also possible to set a reservation time different from your opening hours and to add exceptional booking times if these change for a short period.

Accept and refuse a booking

As soon as your customer sends a booking request, you will receive it in your mailbox as well as in the inbox of CentralApp.
From your mailbox, you have to click on the link "Confirm reservation" to be able to accept or decline it. You will then be redirected to the CentralApp application and to the inbox with the concerned booking.
From this inbox, you can accept or decline
the booking by clicking on the corresponding button.



It will then be possible to enter a personalized message. This is optional.


Once the reservation has been confirmed, the client will receive an automatic email telling him/her that the booking has been accepted or declined.

Booking via a specialized tool

CentralApp also allows you to use external booking platforms. We integrate modules from TheFork, Dish, TableBooker, Resengo or Zenchef.

To activate it, go to the "Table booking" module in the "Website editor" tab, then click on "Integration of an advanced solution" in the "Online bookings " section.


Then you just have to choose your booking partner and enter your login or the URL of the existing module to activate it on your website.
The module will then be directly available on the "Table booking
" page of your website.

Booking via a phone number

CentralApp also offers the possibility to make a booking via a telephone number. You can activate this by checking the corresponding box. By default the phone number will be the one used in "Basic information". If you have a separate line for reservations or you want another phone number to be displayed for bookings, you can add it in the dedicated space.

This will be displayed in the "Table booking" tab of your website.

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