CentralApp provides you with multiple integrations for your delivery and take-out tools.

Order via a direct ordering partner

If you use a white label ordering tool for delivery or take-away, such as a Click & Collect or an e-shop, it is possible to integrate it to your website.
To do so, you have to click on the "Food order" module in the "Website editor" tab. You will then see a multitude of partners proposed to you in the section "Direct food order partners
". All you have to do is click on the "Enable " button of the desired partner, then fill in the identifier or the URL of your module according to what is indicated for the partner in question and specify whether this tool allows you to place orders by delivery and/or takeaway.

A personalized solution is proposed to you in case you have a custom-made delivery tool. To do so, simply click on the "Custom Solution iFrame" or "Custom Solution Link " icon.

Differences between "iFrame" and "Link" integration

In case you have your own ordering solution and you want to integrate it directly on your site, the difference between these two solutions will be the display of your solution on your site.

  • iFrame Integration: Integrates and displays your solution directly on your website, it will be visible to the customer without having to click on a link or a button before that. By enabling this, it is essential that your solution is optimized for iFrame display within a third party website.
  • Link Integration: Displays your solution as a button redirecting to the URL you provided during integration.
Order via an external ordering partner

In case you are active on delivery & order-to-go platforms and marketplace tools, you can choose to mention them on your site. This takes the form of a button that redirects the customer to the website of the chosen platform.

Among the best known platforms, we can mention Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. Other external ordering platforms are available in CentralApp.

To activate them, you have to click on the "Food order" module in the "Website editor" tab. You will then see an "Add a partner" button offered in the "External food order partners " section.


You just have to click on the desired partner, then click on "Continue", then fill in the identifier or the URL of your partner page according to what is indicated as well as specifying if this partner allows you to place a delivery and/or take-away order.


Order by phone
If you do not have an ordering partner but are working with telephone ordering, you can also indicate this on the website.
The module allows you to set up things like:
  • Types of order (delivery, takeaway, drive-in or order on site)
  • The minimum amount for an order
  • Minimum amount for free delivery
  • The phone number to call for these orders (if nothing is filled in, the establishment's phone number will be used by default)

I can't find my ordering partner in your list.

If your ordering partner (direct or external) does not appear in the list, contact our technical support via the chat on the platform for CentralApp, and ask to be included in the list. Please check beforehand that this partner offers web integration (and not only an application on the store) so that we can display it on the website and your customers do not end up on a non-existent link.

How do I find my login?

When activating a partner, you are asked for a customer ID to continue, but what do you do if you do not know it or do not know where to find it ?
In this case, contact your partner and ask for your identifier allowing the integration of your tool on your website.
If even after that the integration does not work ask your partner to contact CentralApp by sending the integration information directly to our technical support.
If you have the technical information, you can also send it via the chat on CentralApp so that our technical team can do the necessary steps.

Can I add different ordering partners?

You can combine different solutions between direct partners, external partners and telephone. It is possible to add several external partners on the website.
It is also possible to integrate only one direct partner. Indeed, since the tool is directly linked to your kitchen, it is not necessary to have several for the same establishment.

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