CentralApp allows your company to recruit new people to your team.
From the platform it is possible to publish detailed job offers. Each candidate can apply by attaching a cover letter and a CV in PDF.

In order to personalize your recruitment page on the website or to explain how the recruitment process works, you have a space to write a description in the a description in the recruitment module. This description will be visible on the recruitment page of the website.

Create a job offer

To create a job offer, you must go to the "Recruitment" module in the "Information & Settings" tab.
You will then have the possibility to add a job offer by clicking on the button "Create a job offer". You will then have to fill in the following information:

  • Name of the position
  • Type of position: full time, part time, intern, etc.
  • Detailed description of the position
  • Experience and prerequisites needed to apply
  • Remuneration & salary package

You also have the possibility to add a specific email address if you wish to receive the application wish to receive the application elsewhere than in the mailbox of the address given in the basic information.

You can also publish several job offers at the same time.


Unsolicited application

If you are not looking for a specific profile but are open to the idea of recruiting to the idea of recruiting new members to your team, it is possible to activate unsolicited applications.
Unlike the job offer, there will be no job description but only the form that the candidate will have to fill in with his contact information, a letter of motivation and his CV in PDF.

To activate this, you just have to check the box "Allow unsolicited applications" and "Activate job offers on my website" in as well as "Enable job offers on my website" in the the "Recruitment" module in the "Information & Settings" tab.


How can I temporarily deactivate a job offer?

You may want to withdraw an offer because you have already received a certain number of number of applications. However, you do not want to remove the ad as long as no one has been recruited or you want to keep the ad for another time another time (seasonal for example).
In this case, you have to go to the job offer in question on CentralApp and uncheck the box "Publish the offer on my website" which is at the bottom of the page.

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