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Do you have an important message for your customers or simply a link to to communicate to them? The announcement bar allows you to directly reach your customers. It is presented in the form of a banner at the top of the site and will be visible on all the pages of the latter.

Activate the ad bar

To activate the ad bar you just have to go to the "Ad bar" section in the tab "Information & Settings", then click on the button on the "Add a message" button.


You will see that three different types of banners are available to best meet your needs. your needs.

Promotion of a commercial objective

You wish to encourage your customers to take an action directly on the website? This banner proposes to include a message with a button corresponding to a commercial to a business objective of the website. This button will redirect the visitor to the corresponding page of the website.

Here is the list of possible business objectives:

  • Table reservation
  • Room reservation/privatization
  • Room reservation
  • Contact form
  • Recruitment
  • Order taking
  • Making an appointment
  • Franchise
  • Present your events
  • Present your menu


The list shows the available goals according to the features that have been previously activated in CentralApp. It is therefore possible that you you do not see the whole list above.


A simple message to send to your customers? The informative banner allows you to to pin a personalized message at the top of your site, without any specific link or button leading to another web page.

Customized action

You want to redirect your customers to a personalized link, whether it is on a very specific page of the website or on another website? The custom action banner allows you to include this link as well as a text that will serve as a clickable button, in order to hide the complete link.

Multi-language website

Be sure to translate the message into the different languages activated on your website

Ad bar settings

It is possible to set up the announcement bar for more flexibility.

Date of publication

In order for the ad bar to appear on the website, you must define the start date of your message.
It is also possible to define an end date, in an optional. The message will disappear from the website the day after the chosen chosen end date.
If you do not set an end date, the announcement bar will be visible indefinitely on your website.

Color of the ad bar

You will also need to choose a color for your banner. CentralApp automatically suggests automatically some colors according to the main color of the website, but it is totally but it is totally possible to choose a custom color by clicking on the color rectangle by clicking on the color rectangle below "Custom color". Make sure that the chosen color stays in the spirit of your site.

Depending on the branding chosen for the website, it is possible that the chosen color chosen color may not appear on the website but another color may be applied.


Is it possible to add several ad bars on the website?

It is possible to plan several ad bars in advance by setting a start date and an end date for each ad bar. However, you must be careful that the dates do not overlap.
On the other hand, it is not possible to it is not possible to display several announcement bars simultaneously on the on the website.



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