You would like to build a list of customers in order to reach them with marketing and newsletter campaigns ? Thanks to the CentralApp website you will be able to collect contact information from visitors who send you a message.

In order to be able to use the data for commercial purposes for your company and to respect the GDPR regulation, it is possible to activate a checkbox below each form, which the customer can check, giving at that moment permission to be contacted for this purpose.


Activate the registration to the newsletter

The newsletter is automatically activated on every website.

To deactivate it, just click on the "Newsletter" feature in the tab "Website editor" of CentralApp and then deactivate the functionality of collecting visitors' email addresses.

As soon as you have saved your choice as "No", the checkbox will no longer appear on the forms of your website.


How can I find the list of clients who subscribed to the newsletter?

To access your client list, simply click on the "Client list" tab at the top of the CentralApp platform.
For more details on how to use this list, please see our article on this subject.

If I don't activate this feature, will the data still be collected?

As soon as a visitor sends you a message via one of the forms on the website you will receive the message by e-mail and in the CentralApp inbox.
The client's data will also be saved in the client list so that you can contact him/her and answer his/her request.
However, the customer will not have given his consent for you to contact him again for purposes other than those for which they contacted you and you will not be able to use this data in accordance with the GDPR regulation.

For more details about the use of this list and the inbox, please see our articles on this subject.

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