Branding is the essence of your website. It is mainly thanks to it that your site will be unique and in your image. It is therefore important to understand it in order to better master it.

To modify the branding, go to the "Information & Settings" tab, then click on the "Branding" feature in the "Website Settings " section. You can then configure the branding as you wish.

The different settings below allow you to better define your identity and to propose you a site adapted to it.


CentralApp allows you to add your logo in different variations to the website so that it can be customized to your image.
Except for the combined logo, we only accept SVG formats so that we can display the logos in good quality and better integrate them with the rest of the website.
The combined logo can be either in SVG or PNG.

What is the SVG format?

The SVG format is a vector format for images. This type of file allows you to have an image that does not lose quality when displayed in larger size.
If you don't have a logo in SVG, ask the graphic designer/professional who created your logo to provide it to you or contact your CentralApp account manager.


The logotype includes only the name of your company. It should be uniquely designed and visually consistent with your brand image. To be displayed optimally, it should be uploaded to CentralApp in a horizontal format of (5:1).


Example of a logotype


Only vector files are accepted (.svg format)


The logomark is only the symbol of the company. It must not contain any text and must represent the company in an abstract and sufficiently identifiable way.

To be displayed optimally, it should be uploaded to CentralApp in a square format (1:1).


Example of a logomark


Only vector files are accepted (.svg format)

Combined logo

The combined logo includes the logotype and the logomark. It is the graphic element that most accurately represents your company.

To be displayed optimally, the combined logo should be uploaded to CentralApp in a format of (3:4) to (4:3).


Example of a combination logo


Only .png and .svg files are accepted


CentralApp allows you to choose the main color of the website. This color will be used on different elements of the website and sometimes in variations of it. It is therefore important to choose a color that is adapted to the graphic identity of your brand.

Two options are available for this purpose:

Pre-selected colors

Choose from the colors pre-selected by CentralApp.

Custom color

Choose a specific color using the selection tool by clicking on the color rectangle. You can then either enter the color code or use the tool to choose the specific color.


If you have defined a tagline for your establishment that is already on many marketing materials, this is the perfect place to put it.

It is not mandatory to have one. If it is filled out, it will be on the home page of the website.

Branding Questionnaire

The questionnaire will define in depth the look and feel of your website and how the different elements of the site will be articulated around it.

This tool proposes you to answer some questions to better define your identity, your positioning as well as the role of the website, to then propose the website the most adapted to your identity.

First of all, you will have to define the objective of your website among three proposals:

  • To present your universe
  • To reassure
  • To inform

Then you will be asked the following questions:

  • How do you define your establishment and its atmosphere?
  • How do you position your establishment?
  • What type of clientele do you target?

For each question, you must choose between 1 and 3 options among the different proposals.

Depending on your answers to these different questions, each element of the website (such as font, gallery layout, navigation bar, button shape, etc.) will be optimized to best match your identity. Feel free to try different combinations while watching the result by refreshing your site page.

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