In order to easily group all the requests made via the forms on your website (CentralApp table reservation forms, appointment booking forms, contact forms, room reservation forms, application forms, appointment forms or franchise forms), CentralApp offers you the "Inbox" tab.


In addition to having received them in your mailbox, you can consult them from this tab. You also have several sorting possibilities:

  • According to the status: New, Archived and Spam
  • By type of request: table booking, area booking, job application, contact, appointment, franchise and room booking.

By clicking on one of the messages, you will be able to consult it in detail. You will also have the possibility to archive it, to call the customer on the number he left and to answer the request.

You also have the possibility to see the complete profile of the customer by clicking on "View profile" right next to his name. You will then be redirected to the "Client List" tab. See the article on this tab to learn more about it.


Table reservation request

Table reservation requests via the CentralApp form can be processed directly on the platform.
Each request contains a summary of its status (request in progress, confirmed or refused) as well as the details of the request (number of people, date and time).

Then, by clicking on the request, you have access to all the information of the latter and in particular if the customer has left a particular message when sending it.

It will then be possible to respond to the reservation request, via the buttons "Confirm" or "Refuse" at the bottom of the request. By clicking on it, you have the possibility to leave a message to your customer (optional), then to confirm your choice.
Once you have confirmed the choice, the customer will receive an email on the email address he left to notify him of your answer.

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