When you log in to CentralApp, after choosing your establishment, you will be taken to the dashboard.
This dashboard allows you to quickly take the necessary actions for your website.

Your subscription is active and your site is online

As soon as your subscription is activated and your site is online, you can use the dashboard with different elements.


You will find an overview of the last open messages sent via the website.

Quick actions

You will find shortcuts to quickly change information such as opening hours, announcement bar, etc.


You will find in this module the information regarding your website such as the link of the website, its status, the chosen business objective and a link to the statistics of your website.

Active integrations

Here you will find the different integrations of your partners that are visible on your website (table reservation, room reservation, orders, etc.).

Client list

Here you can see how many contacts are registered in your customer database in CentralApp. 

What's new?

Here you will see the list of the latest improvements and new features of CentralApp.

Need assistance?

Here you will find the different ways to contact us if you have any questions, as well as the link to this help center.

Any feedback?

By clicking on "Send us feedback", you will be able to send us a message directly.

Your site is under construction

When your CentralApp subscription is not yet active and your website is not yet online, you will have a different dashboard. This one will show you the actions to take to complete the construction of your website.

Onboarding assistant

By clicking on the onboarding assistant, you will easily be able to see the information to be completed in CentralApp for your website to be complete. To do this, you can click on "Start the creation". You will then see the different actions to take, with a progress bar and the strength of your profile. The goal is to reach a high profile strength, even maximum.
You also have a button to view the preview of your website.

Publish my website

As soon as your site contains the necessary information, you will have to choose a CentralApp subscription and connect your domain name. These two actions will be possible from this section of the dashboard.

Activate a package that suits you

Once you have arrived at the page presenting the different packages available for your establishment, you can easily choose the one that suits you, add the appropriate options and activate the subscription.

Get a unique domain name

By clicking on "Choose my domain", you will be taken to the page for your domain name. From here, you can connect a domain that you already own or request a custom domain.

Quick information card

This section will allow you to view the overview of your website with the information already completed, such as when your CentralApp account was created and when the last changes were made to your account.

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