Access from your computer


To modify the information visible on your website and access CentralApp from your computer, you just have to connect to the following address:

Existing user

Once at this address, you will be able to connect with the address you used when you created your account and the password you chose at that time. 
If you don't remember your password, you can create a new one by clicking on "Forgot your password" below the login fields.

New user

If you do not have a CentralApp account yet, you can create your CentralApp space by clicking on "Create an account" below the the login fields. You can then create a new establishment on CentralApp.
If you want to join an establishment that is already created on CentralApp, you have to ask the administrator of the establishment on CentralApp to invite you to join it. He will be able to invite you and you will have to create an account via the email you will receive for this purpose.


How to save your establishment's page?

To be able to quickly access CentralApp to modify your establishment's website you can save the address in your favorites, by clicking on the small star in the search/address bar of your browser mceclip0.png.



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