Access from your smartphone or tablet


To modify the information visible on your website and access CentralApp from your cell phone or tablet, you need to open the following link in the web browser of your device:


The CentralApp platform is not available as a downloadable application on the Play Store or the App Store. However, our tool is 100% compatible with smartphones and tablets.


Existing user

Once at this address, you will be able to connect with the address you used when you created your account and the password you chose at that time. 
If you don't remember your password, you can create a new one by clicking on "Forgot your password" below the login fields.

New user

If you do not have a CentralApp account yet, you can create your CentralApp space by clicking on "Create an account" below the login fields. You can then create a new establishment on CentralApp.
If you want to join an establishment that is already created on CentralApp, you have to ask the administrator of the establishment on CentralApp to invite you to join it. He will be able to invite you and you will have to create an account via the email you will receive for this purpose.


How to save your establishment's page?

To quickly access the CentralApp platform and your website settings, you can save your CentralApp website page directly on the home screen of your device, like an application. Here's how to do it:


Android user

From an Android device, you will be able to add CentralApp to your home screen by going to your browser settings when you are logged in CentralApp, usually accessible via the 3 small dots mceclip2.png, then clicking on "Add to home screen".

It is possible that the browser you have does not offer this. In this case, we case, we advise you to download the Google Chrome browser and to redo the steps described above.


Apple user

From your iPhone or iPad, it is possible to add CentralApp to your home screen by going to the Safari browser settings when you are on your CentralApp. Then you have to click on the "Share" icon mceclip3.png, then on "Add to home screen". You will then be able to access CentralApp directly from your device, like an application.

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