Getting started with the help of CentralApp

Need help?

You can ask CentralApp to create and help you manage the website after its creation.
Our teams will be happy to contact you, advise you and make the necessary changes to your website.


What it includes

This type of subscription allows you to take advantage of all the features that CentralApp offers on its platform, as well as to have a professional accompaniment throughout the collaboration.
You can therefore easily contact customer service to ask for advice or to request a change when you don't have the time to do it yourself. 
Of course, you always have your own access to modify the site yourself.


This type of subscription allows you to have a website that will be quickly put online, with specialized advisors who can take care of the digital presence of your establishment in a professional way.
You know that you can always count on CentralApp to make the necessary changes to your website when you don't have much time. 


Our subscriptions with customer support and follow-up start at only 59€/month!

Request a demo

To request a presentation of CentralApp and our related services, you can schedule an online meeting (via video conference) on our website.

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