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You will find all the practical information concerning your subscription in this article.


The information below is only valid for CentralApp customers. If you use CentralApp through one of our partners or resellers please contact them directly to learn more about your subscription.

Find my subscription information

To find all the information concerning your subscription (status, start date, end date, name of the subscription, active options, etc.), you must go to the "Plan & Billing" module in the "Website editor" tab.
You will find a summary of all your subscription information CentralApp.

Change my subscription


To change your price plan, you can do it on the "Plan & Billing" page by clicking on the button "Change your plan". You will arrive to the page with the other possible subscription options.

Please note: for plans with an annual commitment, it is not possible to choose a less expensive plan during the course of the contract. However, it is possible to schedule it for the renewal of a contract on the date indicated in your account.

Active Options

You can always add or remove options during your subscription, regardless of your plan or commitment period.
To do so, go to the "Plan & Billing" page, then click on the "Change active options" button in the "Active options" section. You will then see the list of available options for your subscription and website.

If you wish to add an option, you can do so by clicking on the "Add Now" button of the option in question, then once the selection is made, click on "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

The same principle applies if you wish to remove an option from your subscription. You have to click on the green "Added" button in order to deselect it. Once the selection is made, click on "Continue" at the bottom of the page and complete the update of your subscription by following the instructions.


In case your company grows and becomes a multi-establishment chain (with the same name, same branding etc), it is possible to add a new establishment on the site and adjust the subscription accordingly.

To adjust the subscription, you need to click on the "Add or remove locations" button on the "Plan & Billing" page on CentralApp. Then you just have to then adjust the number of facilities you want and click on "Change".
The principle is the same if you already have a multi-facility account in CentralApp and you want to add or reduce the number of locations of your subscription.


What to do when the described buttons are not present and the name of my formula is "Historical plan"?

When this happens, it means that your subscription is no longer offered by CentralApp and that in order to make changes, you have to switch to a new subscription. You just have to click on the button "Change plan" and choose the plan which corresponds to you. 


Cancel my subscription

In case you do not want to continue with CentralApp and cancel your subscription, you can contact CentralApp directly or fill in the following form :

Request cancellation of our subscription.

Our team will contact you within 5 working days to confirm that the cancellation has been taken into account or that we need additional information. 

Regarding the notice period, you must notify us 90 days before the renewal of the contract in the case of an annual commitment and 15 days before the renewal in the case of a monthly commitment (no commitment plan).

Please note: in the case of a subscription with an annual commitment, it is not possible to cancel in advance. The total amount of the subscription over the commitment period is due.


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