To find all the information related to the billing of your subscription, you have to go to the module "Plan & Billing" in the "Website editor" tab. You will find a summary of all CentralApp billing information.

Payment method

To view your current payment method, go to the "Plan & Billing" page. There you will see the payment method used, its status as well as some technical information such as the bank or the money order number.

Modify the payment method

If you want to update your payment method, it is possible to change it directly from CentralApp. To do this, click on the "Modify" button in the "Payment method" section. You must then fill in all the new information and follow the instructions for the modification to be taken into account.

Invoicing Details

On the "Plan & billing" page, it is also possible to consult the billing details registered in CentralApp. These are the ones you entered when you activated your account. You will find name, company, address, email address and VAT number.
If you want to change the billing information, you have to contact the CentralApp technical support who will make the change for you in the system. 

How do I view/download my invoices?

It is also possible to view all invoices issued in your CentralApp account. You can find invoices at the very bottom of the "Plan and Billing" page. It is also possible to download the invoices from your account, by clicking on by clicking on the "Download" link to the right of the invoice in question.

As soon as the payment of an invoice has been validated, the invoice is automatically sent to the email address indicated. 

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