Accepting a request to access my Facebook page

Who can accept an application?

Only an account with an administrator role on a Page can accept a request to share access. For more information about the different roles on this page: Facebook Helpdesk.

How do I accept a request?

To accept the shared access request sent by CentralApp, you have to follow the following 3 steps:

1. Go to the "Roles page".

Role management is accessible in your Facebook page settings.

If you have just received a request, you will be able to automatically access this page by clicking on the access request notification that appears on your account.

2. Accept the request

The pending share request will be displayed in the"Pending Partner Requests" section.

You will have to accept and confirm the acceptance as shown in the following screenshots:

3. Save the acceptance

Please note that if you forget this step, the request will not be confirmed and you will have to go through this procedure again.


Frequently asked questions

Do I keep access to my page?

Yes, you always have access to your page and no agency can take it away from you, so there is no risk of losing it.

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