Sponsorship programme


CentralApp is dedicated to helping local businesses manage their online presence as easily as possible.

As a local business owner, you probably know others who are looking for more control over their online presence and as a customer, you also know the potential of our tool.


The referral program rewards you every time a new new business joins CentralApp thanks to you.

To thank you, CentralApp offers 2 months of subscription for your business as well as for the new business


To sponsor an establishment, you just have to fill in the sponsorship form you received by email.

You can also find it here:

Sponsorship form

Once all the details are correctly filled in and the form is submitted, the recommended institution will receive an email with the steps to follow to become a CentralApp customer.
You will receive your reward as soon as the establishment starts their CentralApp subscription.


How do I receive my reward?

After submitting a sponsorship request, we will contact the new establishment. 
If they decide to become a CentralApp customer, you will be rewarded as a sponsor.
The reward will be applied automatically to your subscription and the next two months will simply be free.

Don't worry, we will also notify you by when your referral has activated their CentralApp account.


Can I sponsor multiple locations?

If you know of several establishments that could use a boost to their online visibility, you can submit multiple sponsorship requests.

Even better! If several establishments become CentralApp, you'll accumulate rewards. There is no limit in terms of the number of establishments you refer.


So, by becoming a sponsor of 6 establishments, your CentralApp subscription is free for one year! 😎


I was referred by a CentralApp customer. How do I get my reward ?

Welcome to our website!

We will be happy to discuss with you about your establishment and its online visibility.

You will normally have received an email at the address your sponsor provided during the sponsorship request. You just have to click on the button in the email to schedule an appointment with our teams or to answer directly to the email.

Didn't receive an email?

Contact us by email at support@centralapp.com so that we can look at what happened and make an appointment to set up your subscription CentralApp.


Is my sponsorship request time-limited?

Are you a sponsor of an establishment?

Once your application has been sent, your referral has 3 months to register with CentralApp. If you are the first one to sponsor this establishment, you will keep your role as sponsor during this period.
If 3 months have passed since your application and the establishment you initially sponsored has been sponsored by someone else, that other sponsor will be rewarded.
So don't delay in having your referral register to CentralApp. So don't hesitate to convince him/her to sign up 😉.


Have you been sponsored by a CentralApp customer?

Once your sponsor has sent the request email, you have have three months to activate your account and benefit from your advantage (2 months of free subscriptions).

After this period, unfortunately, we will not be able to make you benefit from this offer.

So don't delay in contacting our teams to set up your account!


Can I recommend another establishment that I own?

Do you own several establishments, at least one of which is already one of them is already a CentralApp customer?

You are then eligible for this program and you can benefit from two months of free subscriptions at your establishments.

Do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss this in detail!

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