Unpublish / Delete a menu


You want to change your menu and delete the old one but you don't know how to do it? You are at the right place, this article explains the differences between deleting a menu and unpublishing it and helps you to delete a menu. 

How to unpublish a menu? 

To make a menu no longer visible on your website, we suggest that you unpublish the desired menu. To start, you need to go to the "Menu" section after clicking on "Information & Settings". To unpublish your menu, click on the "crossed out eye" icon. This allows you to make your menu invisible on your website without deleting it forever.


After having confirmed the unpublishing of your menu, you can still find it in the "Create and publish a menu" tab. After clicking on it, go to "Publish a menu". 



From this page, you can either modify the menu, delete it or republish it. Be careful, this time, if you delete the menu from this page, it will be permanently deleted. You can also keep a menu in the "Unpublished menus" category for as long as you like. If you think you will use the menu again one day, you can keep it in "unpublished" and republish it when you want by clicking on the "Publish" button. 


How to delete a menu? 

Here, you must identify your wish for the menu in question. Do you want to delete it permanently or do you want to suspend it for a while? If you are in the second situation, I suggest you refer to the previous paragraphs on unpublishing a menu. 

In order to permanently delete a menu, please first unpublish the desired menu (steps described in the previous section). To permanently delete the menu, go to "Create and publish a menu", then to "Publish a menu" and finally press on the bin corresponding to the menu you wish to permanently delete. 

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