Translate a menu into different languages

This article is about translating a menu into different languages.

  • If you want to add languages to your website, please refer to to the following article: Languages
  • If you want to change the language of your account on CentralApp, please refer to the following article : Account language


If you have the multi-language option in your CentralApp subscription, then it is possible to add your menu or price list in the language version activated on CentralApp.

When the customer visits your website, he will be redirected to the version in the language used by his phone, if it is activated in the CentralApp profile of your establishment. Otherwise it will be the main language of your establishment.

First of all, before you want to translate a menu into different languages, you should check that you have activated the languages in which you want to translate your menu. translate your menu. To do so, you have to go to the category "Languages" which is located in the "Website Settings" section after clicking on "Information after clicking on "Information & Settings".



In the case of a PDF menu

It is possible to import into CentralApp a PDF document that you have you have translated beforehand. To do this, go to the menu in question by clicking on the menu edit icon.


At the bottom of the page you will see that it is possible to activate language variations language variations of your menu. By activating a new language for your menu you will have to translate the title and the description (if a description has been put in the original version) and add the translated document.



In the case of a detailed menu

To activate a translation of the detailed menu, you must first go through the menu parameters (after having pressed the edit button of the the edit button of the menu to be modified), to activate the translated activate the translated version(s).



Once activated, you will have to translate each section and its respective description (by going to the the "Section" tab and clicking on the edit icon for each section), then translate each of each section), then translate each item published in the menu list in the menu list. You will have to be careful to translate the name, but also the description and price variations if they have been filled in the original language. original language.





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