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If you want to talk about a particular topic or share news about your institution, the blog is for you! You can talk about different topics by writing articles in the Blog category. 

This article is about the "Blog & News" feature that is offered on the CentralApp platform in the "Website editor" category. We will detail how you can easily use it. 

Creating a Blog 

The blog consists of different articles that you can publish whenever you want. On the page that appears after clicking on the "Blog & News" tab, you can see different elements. You have all your posts grouped into two categories: published posts and unpublished posts. On the right-hand side of this page, you can publish your blog by pressing the publish slider. 


You also have a "Settings" category. Here you can change the name of your blog that will be displayed on your website and you can also manage your tags. You can create, modify or delete a tag. For each tag, you can add a visual and a description. Don't forget to publish your tag so that it is available. 



Create a new article 

To create a new article in your blog, you must first click on "Create a new article". 


Then you have to write a summary (optional, which will be displayed in the header of the article) and the body text in the "Content" section. You also have the possibility to add a cover photo, a photo for the thumbnail or even tags. You can also add a "call to action" button to direct your customers to another page of your website, such as the order page or the menu. You can also set SEO parameters. 



I can't see my article/blog on my website. 

You have created a blog or an article but it does not appear on your website? You need to think about publishing both your article AND your blog. To do this, click on the "Publish" button on your article page and then you must publish your blog from the "Blog & News" page. 



How do I edit an article? 

To edit an article that has already been published, click on the "edit" button in the shape of a square with a pencil (see screenshot below). You can then make any changes you want. Don't forget to save.


How do I delete/unpublish an article? 

When you're in the modification for a blog post, you can unpublish by clicking the green slider so it goes gray. If you want to delete the post altogether, go back to Blog & News and click the "trash" button beside the "edit button".

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