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This article deals with the creation of a detailed product catalog, it is a sub-article of the article "Publish a product catalog".

  • If you want to publish a product catalog (PDF or detailed), please refer to the following article: Publish a product catalog.

CentralApp allows you to create a detailed product list directly from your website. We highly recommend this option as it is ideal for SEO and more scalable than the PDF version. 

Here's how to create a detailed product listing from CentralApp:

  1. Go to the "Website editor" tab.
  2. Click on the "Products" feature.
  3. Click on “Create & publish product lists
  4. Choose "Create your product list"
  5. Fill in the information (Name, possibly a description, VAT, Currency and image format) and save

You will then be able to manage all the information in order to fill in your catalog. 

Add and edit a section

To add and manage the different sections of your list, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the icon with the pencil to edit your product list.
  2. In the right panel, click on the "Sections" button, then on "Create a Section".
  3. Enter the name of the section as well as a description if you wish to. You can also insert an image that will be the background of your section. It is recommended to add a picture for your section, otherwise the system will default to the first image of the first element of the section.  

Once the sections are created, you will be able to reorganize them by clicking on the move icon on the left of the section  and then dragging the section as you wish.

You can also change the settings of the section at any time by clicking on the edit icon or delete a section by clicking on the trash can icon. 

Add an element

There are two ways to create an element:

  1. To quickly add an item to your product list, click on "Quick Add" next to the desired section and you'll be able to quickly fill in the item's basic information (Name, description and price). However, you will not have the ability to add photos with this technique.  
  2. In the right panel of the menu, you can click on "Manage Items", and then click on "Add a New Item". You can then fill in all the characteristics of your item: name, description, long description, price, promotional price, section in which the item belongs, price variations, tags (popular, new) and pictures of the item. You must first save these informations to be able to upload pictures. Unlike the menu, the product category allows you to set multiple photos for the same item, take advantage of it! You can also write a larger description for your products.  




 To be noted

If a section contains no elements, the section cannot be published.

Product list settings

The "Settings" tab in the right panel allows you to modify the basic settings of the product list such as its name, description, VAT, currency, image ratio and enabling translations.  

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