Claiming a Google page


A Google listing may exist for your business without you having created it yourself. An unclaimed listing contains the words "Claim this business".

To change or add information, you must claim it. This means becoming the administrator of the page.

Who can claim a page?

Claiming a Google Page is useful to prove that you are related to its content.

You will therefore have to provide Google with proof of your relationship with the establishment represented (verification by postcard or telephone).

How to claim a Google page?

If your page is not claimed, the following Google procedure allows you to to take control of the page:

  1. Go to Google Business

  2. Search for your business using its name and address

  3. Follow the instructions to receive your verification code

Validate a page

Once you have received your validation code (within 15 days for a mailing), validate your page from your account Google Business account.


What if I can't find a Google Business listing for my business ?

It is possible that your establishment does not yet have a Google listing, especially if you have just opened it.

It is possible to create this listing for free and manage the details of your establishment on Google and Google Maps.

To do so, you must go to the following link: Create a Google My Business page

Once created, you will still have to validate it as explained earlier in this article.

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