CentralApp integrates different tools on your website for making appointments. You can use the CentralApp form, integrate an external appointment service and/or activate telephone booking.

CentralApp appointment booking form

This option allows you to activate an appointment form easy to use.
In order to activate it, you just have to click on the "Appointment" module in the "Website editor" tab, then choose "Appointment form" in the "Online appointment" section.
Then simply save the module. Eventually, you can add an email address if you want to receive the appointment requests to another address than the one entered in the basic information section.
On the website, the form will ask for the customer's contact information, the desired date of the appointment as well as a description in which the customer can detail his request.
You will receive this request in the CentralApp inbox as well as in your mailbox. Simply reply to the email to confirm the request and continue the discussion with the customer if necessary.

Integration of an external specialized tool

If you use an external appointment scheduling tool, it is possible to add it to your website.

To do so, you have to click on the "Appointment" module in the tab "Website editor", then choose "Integration of an advanced solution" in the section in the "Online appointments" section.

You will then see a list of partners appear. Simply choose the partner you are working with, click on the "Enable" button and enter the partner's module ID or URL, then save.
The "Appointment" page of your website will then display your external appointment booking module.

Appointment by phone

It is also possible to activate the to make an appointment by phone on the website.
In CentralApp, you just have to check the box to activate this feature, in the "Appointment" module in the "Website editor" tab.
It is also possible to put a specific phone number if you wish to receive telephone requests for appointment by phone on a different number than the one entered in the basic information section.
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